December 8, 2011

Circle Quilt

You know when you get something in your head and you can't get it out?
You think about it nonstop and finally give in a do it?
Well...that's how it was with this project.  I wanted to make a quilt.
I wanted one really bad!  
So I scoured Pinterest searching for the perfect quilt.  
I came across THIS one and knew it was PERFECT!
I cut and sewed and ironed and sewed some more till it was done.
Took forever, but totally worth it!
 I am so happy with how it turned out:)  
 For the circles, I used wonder under on them and ironed it onto the white square.  
Worked perfectly for me since I didn't have to pin the circle onto the white square...what a pain!!

 For the back side, I used a light yellow and then made a strip on both sides of the quilt using all the fabrics.
A total of 19 different fabrics to be exact!  I wish I could tell you what brand of fabric I used, but its all different.  Some Michael Miller, Moda, etc.  I went to a store in Fort Worth called Cabbage Rose and got everything there.  It is a dream store for fabric lovers!

I had to leave you with this picture...this is how my little guy likes to dress.  EVERY DAY!  
The boots are a must.  But I love it:)  It just makes me laugh.

Stay tuned tomorrow because I have something pretty awesome for you!!!  I mean AWESOME!  So excited:)