August 26, 2011

Pinterest Round-up

So...have you joined Pinterest yet??  If not...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!
My husband makes fun of me since I'm a little bit obsessed.  
There's just something about clicking the "Pin" button:)
If you are on Pinterest...don't forget to follow me!! on to the good stuff.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from Pinterest this week.
Hope you enjoy and get get a few good ideas!
 I am TOTALLY in love with this Argyle Blanket!  It is so fab!  It looks so simple to do and would make a GREAT gift!  The holidays are coming...start thinking:)  This came from Craft Stylish.
 I want to do this so bad.  But...A.  I don't have an awesome PALLET.
and B.  I don't know where to get an awesome PALLET.  
So it looks like I am on the hunt for one!
There is a tutorial on That Village House.

I have big plans for this project...(It seems I have lots of projects...hopefully I can get to them all and have a place for them all!!)
I think it is such a good idea for a small space.
Tutorial is here.
All's I gotta say is YUM!  I love how the pie is in the jar.  Everything is cuter in a jar.
But Pumpkin Cream Pie!??  It just has to be good!  

And last, but not this cute monogrammed letter.  You can put whatever words around the letter you want.  Or you could just have the initial and the name and flower...that would be so cute!  Love it all!
Tutorial is here.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We are going to a Baseball the hottest part of the Texas.  I can't wait:)  I think its only supposed to be like 107 degrees.  Totally doable...right??  

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  1. Go to a local grocer or even a hotel to see if you can get some pallets. We have 3 in our backyard we want to make into "container" gardens. Just a thought...