July 19, 2011

Stuffed Marshmallows

I am so excited about today's post I can't even stand it!
Ever since I saw those GINORMOUS Marshmallows, I have been plotting on what to make with them!
I totally had a dream about these and haven't stopped thinking about them!

I mean HELLO!  Stuffed Marshmallows!  
Now I need to work on Kraft to make hallowed out marshmallows:)  It could happen??
So...have a look-sy at the pics and let the mouth watering begin!
See what I mean...its a marshmallow that is totally stuffed!!

 This is what it looks like before you make it all pretty.

These are a few of the different possibilities... 

This one just happened to be my favorite!  You could also think of them as an 
Inside Out S'more!

Ok...so the possibilities are totally endless! And so are the layers!  Some that I did:
Oreos with ganache
Ganache, graham cracker crust, Hershey's Kiss
Brownie with ganache
Reeses PB cup, ganache, graham cracker crust
Rolo with ganache
Rice Krispie treat!!!

Here are a few tips you will need:

Get the HUGE GINORMOUS Marshmallows.  You will want to FREEZE them for about 5-8 minutes so they are not as sticky.  Use Kitchen shears and just cut a hole in the marshmallow.  Hollow it out with your fingers...I used some powdered sugar so it wasn't so sticky.  

I found that I liked the layering to go:  Ganache, Graham Cracker Crust, then stuff it with your candy, more crust and then top with the Ganache.

You always want to have the very top layer to be ganache...that way there is a seal to hold all the layers together.  After you stuff the marshmallows, put them in the refrigerator so it settles and doesn't melt.  

1/2 c. chocolate chips
2 TBS heavy cream

Melt chocolate chips for about 45 seconds, until melted and creamy.  Stir in heavy cream until combined.  May need to microwave for another 15 seconds to make smooth.

Graham Cracker Crumbs:
1 c. Graham Cracker Crumbs
1 1/2 TBS sugar
2-4 TBS melted butter

Combine all ingredients together.

For melted chocolate on top, I used a milk chocolate Symphony Bar.  Make sure to let it drip all the way and then add whatever topping you want.

Enjoy!  They are HEAVENLY!!


  1. I love the idea of an inside out s'mores! These are so fun! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I am going to share a link with my readers tomorrow!!

  2. That looks delicious and FUN! What a great idea. I will try this for sure. Lori L

  3. Oh I just love this recipe. I have a soft spot for S'mores since I make toy campfires. I am your newest follower and will share this with my readers...please stop by some time and say hi!

  4. Oh my! Those look absolutely incredible and I'm definitely making them. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These look amazing! Thanks for the tips on freezing & using powder sugar - I'll hopefully be trying this recipe when I find the ginormous marshmallows again!