June 23, 2011

Trading Post

I have been so excited to do this post!  It has been MONTHS in the making:)
I was the Camp Director for a Girls camp this year...that means I was in charge:)  Love that!!
One of the first ideas I had was a Trading Post.  
The girls (ages 12-18) had several months to round up some Humanitarian Supplies.
We needed toiletries, pillows, sheets, baby supplies, etc.  
They came to the trading post and traded the stuff they gathered and we gave them Trading Bucks.
With the Trading Bucks, they got to get whatever their little hearts wanted.  
Here are some pics of the Trading Post!
 I"m totally obsessed with Bunting right now:)
Every item had a price.  I never mentioned the theme of the camp was:
It's A Jungle Out There!"
We had tons of animal print items: pillowcases, flip flops, fans, etc.
Tons of candy also...let me tell you this though:
Girls don't really love Blow Pops, Granola Bars or Rice Krispie Treats.
They love: animal print bracelets, rings, pens, pillowcases, air heads, skittles, etc...
 The picture on the left was our Logo for the camp.

 A friend of mine crocheted all the different Jungle Animals...these were the first thing to go!!

The biggest reward for doing all this was how much stuff the girls donated.
I was so overwhelmed and totally speechless.  The donations went to a Women's Shelter in our area.
We bagged everything in Zip loc bags, then we decorated brown bags to put the ziploc baggie in,
Some girls wrote beautiful notes to these women giving them courage and letting them know
that they are a daughter of God and that they are important and loved.
We had over 120 bags complete.  There was so much stuff we ran out of bags!
We had 8 pillows, 10 sets of sheets, tons of towels, more toothbrushes/toothpaste then I could use in a lifetime, baby clothes, baby food, etc.

When we dropped off the donation, the place was speechless.  We had 2 SUV's STUFFED with items.
I was so proud of these girls and how they came through for this Woman's Shelter.  This was the hightlight
of camp for me.  I was truly touched.  

When I get some pictures of the girls putting the bags together and all the items from my friend, I will post them for you to see.


  1. SO CUTE! Love that idea! And of course- it is decorated awesome! But, what would anyone expect???

  2. As always.... ADORABLE!!! if only this was posted before our camp. :). Maybe next year.... :)

  3. I was sent here by Sandra Hill (Shannon's mom)..I love everything here! I'll be back! I really liked the puppy cupcakes! I know a young girl that is just getting started with a cupcake career, and has won many awards. I'd like to show her your puppy cupcakes if you don't mind. I saw the pictures of Shannon's wedding. You did a fantastic job!
    Doris McDonald a new fan of Swanky Pear!