June 27, 2011

Camp Bags

One of the things that our Camp always does is have the girls make a camp bag.  
We give the girls some fabric and then they do the rest!  It's really fun to see what they come up with!
For the Leaders, this is what we did: (A Huge thanks to my friend Katrina who made them!!
The bags measure 15" wide and 12" High.  Perfect for camp books and some water and whatever else you will need throughout the day.  You can put some rope or ribbon on as the sash...make it as long as you want, whether you want it over the shoulder or over the shoulder/diagonal ways.
Sew them wrong sides together for the sides and bottom.
Hem the top and sew on the strap.  Very quick and easy!

We made these cute flowers for EVERYTHING!  We had a craft with them for the girls, 
we put them on some shirts, the bags, etc.  We also had to bling them out as much as possible!  

Our girls ask for these bags every year!  They love having something to carry all their stuff in, they love decorating them and well....they just make sense!  

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