May 31, 2011

Cookies and Milk Party Guest

I was going to post a big HUGE apology for not posting very often.  
But that is lame.
So I just thought I would tell you all I have on my plate:
Camp Director for my charge of a Girls camp for 178 people.
In charge of my Family the cookbook, which is 210 pages long.
I have a big project for a client...Interior Design related.
End of the School Year Parties...2 of them and Field Day.
Being a Mom and trying to keep a clean house.
The list goes on and on.  I a bit stressed.  So if it is a bit before I you know why!!  
Phew!  Now I don't have to feel guilty!

Now on to the cute party!!!  I have a FABULOUS reader, Suzanne, who was kind enough to share her pictures from her daughters 1st B-day party!  It is such a precious party..
I was so excited to share all the darling details!  

 I love how she made some cute little cookies and put on the tables:)  
Love the pink and brown color scheme and the lay out of the room! 

 How cute is the Birthday Girl!  She is so cute in her little outfit with the matching hat!!! 

 1.  I want the bucket that has the milk in it.
2.  I want the milk glasses in the corner:)
3.  Love all the platters with the yummy cookies!!

 Suzanne didn't forget any details!!  She added some matching ribbon on the cupcake stand and made some cute cupcake sticks.

 The cute family...They are so darling!!  Can I have your necklace??  
Notice the fabulous pictures of the Birthday Girl on the mantle:)  Love! 

 This is my favorite...I love that Suzanne put the party guests food in a little basket!
She even labeled the baskets so you can get what you want!

 I love the banner, I love the cake, I love the flower pom-poms...Looks adorable!!

Here is a close up of the bucket I want:)  So cute!

Thank you so much for sharing your daughters party with us Suzanne!  It turned out Amazing!

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