April 18, 2011

M.M...Front Patio

Wow...it has been TWO weeks since I have last posted!  That is how crazy, busy life has been for me!  I can finally take a breather!  I also need to get crack'in and post some stuff:)  Sorry to let you down!  

Anyway...Do you remember my cousin, Sharlyn?  She had the Makeover Monday Dilemma of her front patio.  She has done so much to it and was sweet enough to send me some pictures!  I was PRETTY excited!  This is what she says:

So here are the pics of our front patio.  There is still more we want to do {paint the trim, get a hanging planter on the far column, etc.} but it looks SOOO much better I had to send you some pics.  Thanks for all your ideas.

Here are the pictures and the big reveal!!

This is the before.

The after. You can see a huge difference already!  The door was painted red, she added a wreath, some cute vinyl and a door mat.  It looks so good!!

I love the tree and the bench that was added. 

The full view.  It looks so beautiful!  The door really pops!  Thanks Sharlyn!  You did a great job!  


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