March 14, 2011

Makeover Monday...Office

I have been waiting and waiting since CHRISTMAS to do this post!  I have PATIENTLY been waiting for my Dad to send over the pictures:)  Love you Dad!

For Christmas my 3 brothers, Mom, Grandparents and I got together and redecorated my Dad's office.  My Dad is the most giving man and thinks of others before himself.  This is the last room in my parents home that needed to be redecorated, but he kept putting it off to do things for others.  I have been wanting to get my hands on it for quite sometime:)  So I planned, and shopped and spent gobbs of money and then at, my hubby and my brother, Curt got busy and put the room together to surprise him.  It was a blast and I was so excited for how it turned out!  
Here is a before shot...a bad one since it is off my phone, but you have to see the BEFORE!!
Now the after pictures!  I am just so giddy!  We obviously painted the room a dark blue.  We found some fabulous drapes from Kohls and the bench is from Kirklands.  We got him a new desk that matched all the other wood in the room.  The bed used to be where the desk is.

Where the bookshelf is there was a dresser.  We got the ladder shelf from Target.

We got some new bedding and added some fun, bright red pillows so the whole room isn't just blue and brown.  The bedding came from Kohls.  Now imagine a beautiful brown headboard instead of the bright blue one:)  That hasn't been purchased yet...  The desk used to be where the bed is now.
My Dad takes some AMAZING pictures, and we wanted to put all of the pictures he has taken from all around the world up as the artwork.  So all the pictures you see were taken by my Dad!  The ones on this wall are from Rome, Brazil, and Russia.
Here is the last picture...We are thinking that a big ole TV will be on one of the walls...this is still up for debate:)  So, we put a clock up and some more fabulous prints of Rome and Prague.  These prints are on canvas from

So what do you think?  I was so excited for the room!  It has such a different feel and you just don't want to leave!  Hope you like it!


  1. Love it! That bench is adorable. :)

  2. It looks great! I love blues and brown together. That's what I'm redoing my master bedroom in. I also love your little bench under the windwo. Stripes are great! I recently found a stripped pillow (w/ blues, cream, and brown) on sale at Khol's and I'm using it as my inspiration piece for my bedroom.

    Cute blog!

  3. Oh that's the blue you were describing. I was wondering when this post was coming! Y'all did awesome. It looks great!

  4. What blue paint did you use? It is so hard to find a good blue color, so I always ask when I see one! I recently painted Kason's room, which started out as 7 stripes of paint (all different grays) He is glad to have his room painted ALL one color. Now we need better lighting in his room though. I love that room ya'll did! It looks amazing, wish it was in my house :)