February 28, 2011

MM...Exterior Home

I'm really excited about today's Makeover Monday!  My cousin, Sharlyn, emailed me and asked if I could do the EXTERIOR of her home!  She just moved to Colorado a few months ago and is anxious to make it look like a home:)  
This is what Sharlyn has to say:
Alright Summer I know you are an INTERIOR decorator but I thought maybe you could help me with the EXTERIOR!  We just moved into our new house and it is driving me crazy that it looks like no one lives in our house because we have NO decorations outside, not even a welcome mat!  What are some of your ideas to spruce it up a little bit?  Some of our ideas are a swing, planter boxes, and painting the door.
Anything ideas would be helpful!
Here is what her home looks like, as well as her cute little guy waving at us:):

I will admit, the Exterior of our home is totally my husbands job.  He loves it and has a green thumb and always makes it look pretty.  So I asked him for a few ideas and then searched for some pictures.

The first thing I did notice was that the whole house was the same color.  Painting the door would make a huge impact...Red would really make it pop!  If you want to have some more pop, look at this picture:
image from EZ Home Exteriors
They painted the moulding and garage white.  You don't have to do white, this is just an example of some other color to the house.  You could do a dark brown even.  If you don't want to do the whole house, you could paint the shutters, balcony, part of the column and maybe around the garage door.

This planter came from Ballard Design, but you can find them at Home Depot or Lowes, but these would look great with tons of greenery and flowers hanging off of the "balcony"

You must have a door mat:)  I love that you were honest that you didn't have one yet!  I love this one from Bed Bath and Beyond because of the fun rubber frame the mat goes it.  It will make the mat stay put instead of moving back and forth when people clean their feet!  Its only $19.99...can't beat that!  They also have several different mats you can choose from to go in the rubber frame.
I think a swing would be fabulous on your porch!  I found this one at porchswings.com and they have tons to choose from.  This one is only $130 and has free shipping!!

Now, when you get your porch swing, a cushion would add some nice color to your home, but that might be difficult to find one to fit already made.  The next best thing would be outdoor pillows!!  You can find these at Pier 1 for about $20-25.  If you are using pillows or cushions, make sure that it goes with whatever color you paint your door:)  

I can also visualize some rod iron work above the porch in that empty space by the peak...does that even 
make sense?  You can find these anywhere: Home Depot, Lowes, etc...

I think a wreath would be fabulous on your door also:)  Here is a cute Easter 
Wreath from The Wreath Depot.  

Also, it doesn't hurt to have tons of flowers and various flower pots by 
your door and in the garden.  

I hope this gives you a few ideas to mess around with!  And as always, 
we would love to see the finished product!  Have fun!


  1. Thanks Summer! I love the ideas! Some things will have to wait until spring (painting) but there are things I am excited to do NOW! I'll be sure to send you a pic when we get it all figured out!

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