January 31, 2011

MM...Master Bedroom

It has been awhile since we have had a Makeover Monday!  I mean like...months!  And it just so happens that I have several coming up:)  So much excitement!  This M.M is from my sister-in-laws (Chelsea) Sister (Charity)...I remember a few months ago when Chelsea showed me her sisters room and I died!  I thought it was so beautiful!  Now shes coming to me for some ideas for above her bed.  I have been thinking and contemplating over what to do there...I hope that I can come up with a few ideas for her!  Crossing my fingers!!

Here is what Charity has to say:

Deep sighs! I need help. 
My master bedroom. I can't stop staring, and the more I stare the more depressed I get - I'm overwhelmed with what to do above my bed and dresser. I know what I would love to do (think big, long drapes covering the entire wall, or Amy Butler wall paper just along the back wall - neither of which will financially be happening any time soon :)), I'm having a hard time deciding WHAT to do. 

Trying to stay away from symmetrical - I can't help myself but it's all I know, so I'm trying to branch out. Plus because the entire wall is so completely symmetric, I feel like I need to break it up a bit. We'll see if that happens. 
I don't like boring looking, generic art. 
Anything with words or done on an oversized cricut is out! 
Yes, I know the bed needs one more pillow. The room needs less straight lines, so I'm thinking a round cream pillow in the middle.
That wall is huge. It's 13-14' high in the center peak. 

The room is very mono-chromatic - by choice. I had originally planned to do pops of color in here (think Euro Shams and window panels in a bold, rich purple (or other color), with the accent color sprinkled throughout. That didn't happen. I find that homes/rooms/designs have a way of falling into their own, all by themselves, if you let this. This room just wanted to be grey ;)  Don't worry, my kitchen is bold enough for the entire house! 

This is going at the foot of my bed - 
The bed is also ZG, but I'm trying to stay away from too matchy-matchy in the furniture department. I got the dresser at an antique show, and while it's the color I wanted, it is a bit small for the wall. I'm going to have to give it some volume with something above it that is wider than the dresser, and put something just to the right of it to give it height/depth. But, what? :) 

The one corner not shown is behind the door - I want a chair, ottoman combo, or preferably a chaise lounge there. I'll find that one day, I hope ;) 

I'd love to at least get above the bed done  before baby arrives. Oh, along with his nursery and a dozen other projects!! But we're doing our first family picture snuggled up on the bed, so I'd be a happy mama if I could tell the photographer to be sure and show the smashing work that was done above the bed as well ;) If not, I guess she can just do some close ups! :) 

Okay hopefully I'll get the pictures to you tonight - they're on Derek's computer, so if I can get my pregnant belly up, be looking for them!! 

Thanks so much!! 


Here are some pictures of the room:

 Notice how Charity took the drape rod to the top of the ceiling...that is FABULOUS!  This gives the illusion of taller ceilings and bigger windows.  It also looks like she has the drapes mostly on the wall and just skimming the window.  This does the same thing...I do this to all my windows and all my clients windows.

Isn't her room beautiful!  I just love her bedding and I actually love how the room is monochromatic.  It looks beautifully done:)

Bedrooms are sometimes hard to do because you just automatically do everything symmetrical.  I am one who is guilty of that :)  I honestly think that finding the perfect thing above your bed is a hard thing...especially if you hate symmetrical things.

I agree with Charity and I think that having some amazing wallpaper along the one wall the bed is against would be SMASHING!!  But wallpaper (which is making a HUGE comeback and is all the rage...) can get pretty pricey.  Another way to avoid the pricey wallpaper price is you CAN paint the wall instead and do a texture on the paint...tons to choose from now.  Charity could paint the back wall (a color one shade LIGHTER than the pewter color on the bedspread) and then her headboard would totally POP.  Or she could bring in another color like she mentioned that works with these colors, like purple for example.

 This is the bench Charity said she is getting for the foot of the bed.  This is such a beautiful bench!  I love it!  It is from Z Gallerie.
Image from jogjatec.com
As I was searching for an example of what Charity could do above her bed, it seems like all beds had either one BIG picture or 2-3 smaller pictures.  Which is fine for some people...but as we just read, we don't want symmetrical.  So, here is something I found that I thought could work.  Charity could get some fun frames, all different sizes and shapes and hang them above the bed.  You could put whatever you want in them...things you collect, mirrors, pictures, places you have been, pictures of you and your honey...etc.  

Charity mentioned having fabric along the whole wall...instead you could do something similar to this picture and you would still get the same effect.  I happen to know that Charity is an amazing seamstress...so this might be pretty easy to sew for her:)  I can totally see some beautiful silk as the fabric.  I have also seen a picture right in the middle of the fabric.  You don't have to use this crown...which I don't really love...but you can find something in its place at an antique show or online...this came from Antique Drapery Rod Company.  I think this is my favorite option:)  Especially with how her wall comes to a point...center peak.  Seriously...silk...I can see it now!!

Now, I wasn't going to admit this...but I decided to anyway...when I first saw Charity's room, the first thing that did pop into my head was BIG vinyl branches that take the whole height and width of the room.  I don't know why...but thats what I envisioned:)  I have vinyl on my brain I guess...thats another story...

 If you hate that idea for above your bed...you could do that for above your dresser.  You have a ton of room to work with there.  The last 2 images came from google images...

Now, if you really love pillows like I do, just load up:)  You could get a really BIG bolster pillow to add to the layers as well.  I really love these pillows...they give some added texture and give another shape.  They are from Z Gallerie as well.

Texture is KEY to a room.  The more the better.  This would add another color to the mix as well as texture. A throw is great to put at the foot of your bed, to toss on the bench (although if you put it on the bench, go for the white one), or even to the future chaise you are going to get.  This is from Z Gallerie.  (Can you tell I love Z Gallerie??)

Ok...I saw this and I died.  How beautiful would these be in place of your lamps?  You could move your lamps to your dresser and have these instead:)  Now...I'm not gonna lie...this are ONLY $500 from Z Gallerie, but if you love this idea...we can find a knock off at any lighting store for WAY cheaper.

I think this would look beautiful above your dresser.  I think you need something sparkle-y:)  Then you can work tons of pictures around this or other tiny mirrors in fun, crazy frames.  A wall of mirrors.  This could also work for above your bed.  I don't know why, but when I see your room, I really see tons of sparkle.  I hope you like sparkle.

I don't know measurements, so its hard to tell...but what if you had this chair (from Pier 1, $200) to the right of the dresser?  If it would fit, here is another print and it would help with filling in that wall.  The fun flower pillow would look pretty cute on this;)

That is everything!  I hope that I have given you a few ideas and helped a little bit:)  If you have any questions...you know where to find me!  Happy Monday everyone!  And come back and visit everyday this week...I am going to have Super Bowl treats to share with you!

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  1. Love!! We are on the same page, totally - minus your vinyl branch idea ;)
    I love sparkle, and I totally see the same thing for the room... it's very feminine (yet oh so masculine, right Derek? ;)) and it screams "sparkle me up!" to me.
    Freaking love those lights you found for beside the bed - love them. I actually have my eye on one (overstock.com, baby!) for the overhead lighting... but since overhead lighting is a no-no in a bedroom, I'm having a hard time investing the money on it... Hmm!

    I think my favorite idea is the fabric for above the bed in the crown (only, not the crown, of course!) And had come up with that idea, too!! So, I'm happy to see that we were on the same page with it - you're the designer, I just pretend! Now the questions are - where to get the crown, what color fabrics?! It's these little decisions that send me into crazies!
    I had also considered painting, but the Mr. wasn't too excited about bringing out the ladder... however, I think you're right and it would make the bed pop - which is what i love about WHITE everything - pop pop pop with colors! (getting a white leather sofa next month... oh yes, and a baby, too, because I"m crazy like that)
    Love love love those pillows from Z Gallerie... I think I'm going to have to order the cream one :)
    You're awesome, thanks Summer!!!