January 27, 2011

LoVe Board

 Hi friends!  I have been crafting away lately...(its been awhile!!) and I couldn't wait to get this posted for you!  You better run to Hob Lob and get all the supplies:)
 You will need:
Wooden square plaque (wood section $1.47)
LOVE letters: L $1.99, small o,v,e ($.99)
Paint of your choice...I used pink and black:)
Color Box ink: black
Ribbon or toile ribbon
Paper (got mine in the $1 section at Target)
Mod Podge
Glue Dots
 Paint your letters and then ink the edges with the color box ink wedge.  Yeah...its kinda hard to get the swirly part inked...not gonna lie to you:)
Next, paint your wood around the edges.  Then cut out your paper to fit on top and Mod Podge it to the top. Then stick your letters on with some glue dots and tie your ribbon on...that's it!  You end up with this!  For reals...it took me about 30 minutes to do and about $6!  You can't beat that!
Isn't it cute??

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  1. That is way beyond cute! and I was just going to start looking for wooden letters for Lilly's room--I didn't know that HL had the cute swirly letters, yay!!! (that "L" is so cute!)