December 13, 2010

Teacher Gift Ideas

Hello Friends!   I have had so many people ask me for ideas on what to give teachers for Christmas.  I thought that I would put together a few ideas for you!  I know that you may be tempted to just go run out to Wal-Mart and get a candle...but let me tell you...they will get a million candles!  So be different and do something special and meaningful for your fabulous teacher!

Now I know that one of my sons teachers reads this I'm not going to tell you what I'm making:)  It needs to be a surprise!!  I hope this will help you! cards aren't too shabby either:)

 Here is the first one...and my personal favorite.  It is from Shanty 2 Chic.  Those girls have some talent!!  So beautiful!  What teacher wouldn't want this!
 Here is an easier version if you are running out of time!  From the same fabulous girls at Shanty 2 Chic.
 I have been making these coasters for quite awhile now, and everyone always loves them!  You can personalize them for anything!  If you need to, you can even have a stamp made!  Love that!  Here is where you get the details!
 This would be fun to get this all cute and Christmas-y with some fabulous paper and a fun ornament!  Make sure to add a fun little gift card under the chocolates:)  Here are the details!
 The girls at Eighteen 25 designed this, and I love it!  When you open the box it has all sorts of fun goodies inside!  You could put some lip gloss, hand sanitizer, chocolate, lotion, etc..
This is a quick, easy one to do for you teacher...or neighbor, friend, etc...this is just a can (like pineapple), you use the clean edge can opener and open the bottom, clean it out and add some yummy candy!  Then you glue the bottom back on with some E600 glue.  Add a gift card and you will be loved for the rest of the year! Here are the details.
 Ok, I know that this isn't a teacher gift...HOWEVER, I know we all have classroom parties coming up and I HAD to share this!  I am so making this for my boys classes.  This came from Gourmet Mom On the Go.  Its a Snowman snack!  All the little things you need to make a is what is inside:
Isn't that fabulous!  I know...where do people come up with this!!  So creative!  OH!  Did I mention she gives  a free printable template!  Yeah!!

I hope that this helps you all on your way to a fabulous teacher gift!  Do something special for them...they do so much for your child!  And I am so putting my foot down on getting them anything with apples or candles (Scentsy does NOT fall under the candle category...Scentsy is the COOLEST gift EVER!), unless that is their thing:)

So what are you getting your teacher??

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