December 14, 2010

Reindeer Tile

 I know that school is going to be out soon and that means CLASSROOM PARTIES!  Which are always fun:)  As you know, there is always a cute craft that the little ones get to do...this is what we are doing for my Son's Kindergarten class.  I saw this at my cousin Jennie's house and flipped out over it!  Who wouldn't want this cuteness from their child??  The best part is...its pretty cheap when you have around 22 kids to work with!
 First thing you need to hunt down is this...Full Sheet Labels from Avery.  Make sure they are clear!  Very important!!  You can find these at Office Max, Staples, etc...They only thing is, is they are about $12.  HOWEVER, you can always split the cost with another class!!  You can get 60 of these out of a package.
The rest of the supplies...
White Tiles, they are shiny...Home Depot....16-.18 cents each!!  SWEET!
Brown Acrylic paint
Clear Acrylic Matte Coating Spray...Hobby Lobby...about $6 (don't forget your coupon!!)
Assorted Sharpies.  Red, brown, black and green.  A pink nose would be cute for the girls:)

Print off the wordage...
Happy Holidays from your little "dear"
School Name
Kindergarten 2010

I am trying to get it so you can just print it off from my blog...but in the meantime, just email me if you want me to send it to you so you don't have to make it up!!  You can get 6 per sheet!!

Next, cut out the labels to fit the tile.
Have some brown paint and your kids thumbs all ready!  Have them dip their thumb in the paint, not too much, and then help them put their 2 thumb prints on the tile, in the middle.

Have them get the sharpie and put the nose, antlers, legs and tail on their deer.  Then add Love, and their name.

When they are done, take the tiles outside and spray them with the Acrylic Spray.  It is SMELLY!  Don't forget the newspaper;)  When it is dried, give them to the child!  Your all done!  You could add some felt on the bottom of each one, if you have time.


  1. Looks great! Glad it all worked out. I'm sure the parents in Noah's class will love it. I love the one Landen gave me last year!

  2. Such a cute idea! I'm definitely going to have to use this one!