November 22, 2010

Sesame Street Cupcakes

 I was sooo excited to show you these fun little cupcakes!  My husband needed them for  They always choose a funny character for one of their co-workers and this year was Sesame Street!  I had fun making these little guys!
 For the eyes I used the Mint Mentos, mini chocolate chips and some "glue" (which is powdered sugar and milk).  I cut the tips of the mini chocolate chips off and then glued them on the Mentos...thats it!  Eyes complete!
 For the mouth, I used Oreos.  Use a bread knife to carefully cut the Oreo...First take out the creme:)  For Cookie Monster I cut them right in half.  Elmo...cut right above the "oreo", use the big half for Elmo and the small half for Oscar.
For Elmo's nose I used an Orange Lemonhead.

Supplies you need:

Favorite Cupcake recipe
Frosting in 5 colors: red, blue, green, dark brown, light brown
mini chocolate chips
Orange Lemonheads

Source: Etsy...Typewink


  1. Those are SO cute! You continue to amaze me! Yes, I probably could do those, but they wouldn't turn out as cute as yours......THAT is for sure!

  2. The cutest cupcakes. Those must have taken forever.