November 8, 2010

Chocolate Pie

Yes...this is as good as it looks, and IS NOT fattening;)  So you can eat slice after slice.  Shoot, you can eat the whole pie!  I will for sure be making this for Thanksgiving...its a nice change from all the pumpkin and apple stuff.  It is incredibly rich...but you still will have a hard time not eating more!!

I was bad and used a store bought crust.  Next time I think I will make a graham cracker crust (I will give the recipe).  The chocolate was good...but a little rich.  Either way will be delicious though!  Hope you enjoy!

Chocolate Pie

Graham Cracker Crust: (Betty Crocker)
 1 1/2 c. (about 20 squares) graham crackers, finely crushed
1/3 c. stick butter, melted
3 TBS sugar

Heat oven to 350 degrees.  Mix crumbs, margarine and sugar.  Press mixture firmly against bottom and side of pie plate.  Bake about 10 minutes or until light brown; cool.

Chocolate Pudding: (Martha Stewart)
2/3 c. sugar
1/4 c. cornstarch
1/4 tsp. salt
1/3 c. unsweetened cocoa powder
2 1/2 c. milk
4 large egg yolks
2 TBS unsalted butter, cut into pieces
1 tsp. vanilla

Place a fine-mesh sieve over a medium bowl; set aside.  In a medium saucepan, off heat, whisk together sugar, cornstarch, salt and cocoa powder.  Very gradually (a few TBS at a time) whisk in milk, taking care to dissolve cornstarch.  Whisk in egg yolks.

Whisking constantly, cook over medium heat until the first large bubble forms and sputters.  Reduce heat to low; still whisking, cook 1 minute.  Remove from heat; immediately pour through sieve into bowl.  Stir butter and vanilla into hot pudding.

Place plastic wrap directly on surface of pudding (to prevent skin from forming); chill at least 3 hours and up to 3 days.  Before serving, whisk pudding until smooth; pour onto pie crust.

Whipped Cream:
1 c. heavy cream
1/4 c. sugar (may use less if you don't want as sweet)
1 tsp. vanilla

Pour cream into bowl and start to beat until it starts to get thick.  Gradually add sugar and vanilla.  Whip until it is right consistency.

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