October 7, 2010

SpOoKy DeCoR...

First off...I wanted to say how excited I was to find that THESE cupcakes I just posted were featured on Cupcakes Take The Cake Blog!  I was beyond excited:)  Go check them out...amazing stuff there!

I finally got my Halloween decor up!  It always seems to take me FOREVER since my 15 month old likes to take out all my stuff out and put it in random places...oh well!  Its done, thats all that matters!  Hopefully you can get some good ideas!  Here we go:
 When it comes to holiday decorations, you don't need to spend  a ton of money.  I got the  luminaries at Target in the dollar section!  I made the darling Haunted House...more on that in a second, and then made the masks out of paper I had.
 Back to this...My friend Gwen had a class at her home and we made these...it is my FAVORITE Halloween decoration!  I just love it!  It is a paper mache house that we got from Hobby Lobby and then we just mod podged some fabulous paper on the house.  Then I put it on top of a cake stand I have.  Get out all those cake stands, candle sticks, and moss...your gonna need it this Halloween!
 If you have a lamp shade, you must add little bats to them...yeah, they are a pain to cut out, but when you put that lamp on, you will smile, all proud of yourself!  I got the pattern and idea from Martha, go cut some out..NOW!  Then I painted these FABULOUS witch, cat and broom stick silhouettes from The Pink Peony. There is a fabulous tutorial on it!  I got out my long, silver holder thingy and put tons of candy corn in it, then added a sparkle "Wicked" sign in it...my favorite:)  (BTW, my baby is in love with candy corn and he keeps sneaking them and hiding in a corner with handfuls of them...totally pigging out...he thinks he is so funny and sneaky...)
 AHHH....my favorite part:)  I have a 30" round table that I love to decorate for Halloween!  I got tons of skulls and bones from the Dollar Store and I glued them all and put tons of glitter all over them.  I got the tomb stones from the Dollar Store also.  (See...all cheap stuff, made to look FAB!)  I had a black table cloth and put some spiders web all over it.  Got out all my cake stands and put moss all over them and stuck skulls and stuff on them.  Then the candlesticks...more skulls:)
You also have to get some ugly ravens to put out...it just isn't the same with out them!

I hope you get some good ideas from this!  If you need close-ups, just click on the picture!  I would love to see some of the spooky stuff that you have done!  Please leave a comment with a link to your decor and I will post them next week!  Please...don't leave me hanging!  You KNOW you want to leave a comment!!

Come back every Friday for some Fabulous Halloween treats...your gonna love them!

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  1. I love it! Halloween is my favorite, for several reasons. Thanks for the ideas sis!