September 10, 2010

Europe....Here I Come!!

Hello Friends!  Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend/week!  You see...I am checking out for the next 10 days because I am going here:

Picture from:
and here:

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I am so excited I can't stand it! So I won't be posting anything since I didn't get my act together and have posts come up automatically!  Maybe I will post some pics of my trip while I'm just keep checking! I will miss you all!!  And a huge thank you to Abby for the help on my Rome trip!!  Your the best!!

Oh...because I know I will get asked...I'm going with my parents, 2 brothers and a sis-in-law.  My amazing hubby is staying home playing Mr. Mom...can't wait to see how that goes:)  Love you Babes;)


  1. Hope you have a blast on your trip with no kids and no hubby. How fun! Can I come?!

  2. Have fun!! I am soooo envious--but that is wrong, so I will just say have fun! ;-)