August 9, 2010

MM...Tween's Bedroom

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had a blast going to IKEA...that place is golden.  I always end up getting so many ideas and tons of cheap, quality stuff:)  When I went to Interior Design School the Director always told us that IKEA was one of the best places to get furniture...why? you may ask...because the Sweedish spend their LIFE on perfecting their may be one little piece of furniture, but it is the best quality and very durable.  So there you have it...IKEA = quality!  Now, some of the stuff there is maybe a little too modern for some people, BUT they have so many different choices and you can mix things here and there!  So...go have a looksie and buy some fun stuff!

So I had a fellow reader submit a MM!  (People...I am LOVING it when you submit stuff to me!  I had no idea people actually like to read what I it makes me happy!  Please email me!!  I know you may be thinking...I'm too nervous to send her stuff...she doesn't know me. put your mind at ease, just know that I have only known 2 of the submitters to all the MM I have done!  I love getting to know my readers!  I also love comments:)  Love you guys! of my soapbox...So Stacey submitted a MM dilemma for her Tween Girls Bedroom!  I was so excited about this one because 1. Its for a girl and I have 3 boys, girlie things are so fun for me.  2.  She is doing a black, white, silver and pink favorite colors EVER!  3.  It is a Paris Fashion theme!  I LOVE Paris!  I want to go back over and over again!  So, hopefully I will be able to give some good ideas to Stacey and her daughter!

Here is what Stacey has to say:

Hello! I love reading your blog...especially the Makeover Mondays. You have so many fabulous ideas! My 12 year old daughter wants to makeover her bedroom in a Paris fashion theme. She wants to use black, white, silver and pink as the colors. She wants one black wall, bu t I'm not sure that will work since her room is pretty small. There is a frame on one of the walls that was liquid nailed on and won't come off, so we have to use it. Right now it is a message board, but she was thinking about making it look like a window and painting a Paris skyline in it. I want this room to be girly but grown up, if that makes sense. I found a fabulous old vanity at Goodwill that I plan to paint black to replace the desk she has in there now. I'm attaching pictures of her room and I would love any ideas you have. Thank you!


Now the best part....the pictures:

So excited for this room!  Ok...first of all...I love the idea about changing the board (above) into a Paris skyline.  That would be fabulous!  Another idea is to add some shutters on both sides of the board to make it feel more like a window.  I also love that you have a vanity that you are going to use instead of the desk!  That would be fabulous!  Black is a great color to paint it...if you do, you might want to think about re-upholstering the chair.  Maybe in a damask print, white with the black damask print on top.  Most of these chairs are pretty easy to redo.  You just have to pop the fabric part off and use the fabric that is already on there as your pattern and then staple it back on.  There are tutorials all over the place!  Like this one.

Another idea that would be fun is to get some foam core or something thick, cover it with paper/fabric and cut it to size to fit the back of the bookshelves.  You could also just mod podge it right to the back.  This would just add some more detail to the room.

When I was at IKEA, I got this picture frame:
I LOVE it!  There is so much you can do with it!  Like take the cork board or the magnet board you have and have it fit inside the frame and use it for that purpose.  I can see this above the bed with the other shelves around it with some other pictures around the frame.  Make a collage of her things around this. You can also make some push pins like these from Ballard Design:

I have seen little wooden fleur de lis at Hobby Lobby.  You can paint them whatever color you want and add the push pin to the back.

Now there was a question about painting a wall black.  Stacey, I am with you that the room might be too small to handle a black wall.  BUT there are a few things you could do!  For example, you could paint the trim and doors black, have lots of black by painting the vanity black.  If your ambitious, you could paint all the furniture black!!  So, by doing that, that will help.  Another option that would be fun is to add some board and batten to the room:
This tutorial came from The Nester and I LOVE it!  You could do so much with it!  If you do do this, make sure you either do chair rail height or 2/3 of the way don't want to do half would look like you are chopping the room in half.  Not good on the eyes.  The Nester gives a PERFECT tutorial on how to do this.  If this is too much work...I would stick with PINK walls and have the bedding be more on the black side.  Then add lots of pillows with different pinks.

These pictures are REALLY hard to tell, but this is what I was thinking.  The source came from here.

I really love this Ooh la la board that came from here, I also love the HUGE Eiffel Tower (I have seen them at Hobby Lobby:

As for drapes, I would either go with a Toile or a thick black and white stripe (Like you see at cafes).  It just depends on what bed spread you get.

I think that a chandelier would be so fun in this one, but without the roses, which is an option.  It came from HERE:

Something else I would do is to change her lamp that is in her room.  You can spray paint it black, and either re-cover the lamp shade or you can get a new one at Hobby Lobby or JoAnns that has sticky stuff all over it. All you have to do is peel off the cover, use that as a pattern, and re-cover it.  I would get some black beaded trim for the bottom and even some eyelash trim to go with it!  You could add a fun pink bow around the whole shade.  Like this one: (love the walls here also)

Love the wall decal here:
Some bedding I found at JCP:
Love the patterns here!  If you can find bedding with just black and white and then add lots of pink pillows, that would be fabulous also!  Of course you have to add feather boa wherever you can!  

I hope that this gives you a few ideas!  I bet having a girl is so much fun!  I'm jealous:)  I'm kinda sick of reds and blues:)  If you have ANY questions let me know!  If you are in the middle of a project and need some help...let me know!  Good luck and PLEASE send pictures of what you end up doing!!


  1. Thank you for all the fabulous ideas, Summer! And thank you for agreeing on the black wall. :) I can't wait to get started on the room! I do have some questions, so I'll send you an email. Thank you!!!

  2. Hey girl - this is Chelsea's sister :)
    Loved your ideas for this post, and I wanted to share with you a FABULOUS find I found the other day. has an incredible selection of chandeliers for incredible prices! I found ones I loved for right around ~100. So hopefully that'll give ya some leads!

    You're going to inspire me to bake a dessert.
    My husband is the baker.
    I get fat just smelling all that gooodness.
    I've made ONE dessert in our 3 years of marriage!! (I cook, I cook pretty well, I just don't bake ;))
    I'm going to bake something from here soon, I cross my heart.

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