August 2, 2010

M.M...Kitchen/Family Room

Happy Monday Everyone!  It has been awhile!  THANKFULLY school starts in 21 days (but whose counting??)  and after life will change dramatically!!  I will have 2 kids in school...ALL DAY!  I don't know what I will do...oh wait...I can finally BLOG for you guys!!  Yeah!  I have had so many crafts/food/design ideas running in my head!  Can't wait to share them with you!

So the other day I was soooo excited because I FINALLY got a Makeover Monday email!!  I haven't had one in awhile!  {{hint, hint...}}  So the fabulous Liz emailed me pictures of her GORGEOUS house she is moving into in about 2 weeks!  It is absolutely beautiful!  She needs a few ideas and thoughts on what to do for her kitchen/breakfast nook/Family room.  So to start her letter!!

Hi Summer,
I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I've enjoyed reading your Makeover Monday posts.  (Thank you!!) I am getting ready to move into a new to me house in about 2 weeks, and I was hoping that you could give me some help.  The entire back of the house is one long room: Kitchen, eating area and Family Room, all open to each other.  I am planning on putting my kitchen table where the current owners have theirs, but need a kid friendly rug to place under it.  Also, I am planning on purchasing a new sofa/loveseat, ottoman for the family room area.  We are thinking leather for the sofas, but not sure.  Just something neutral and kid friendly.  The main walls are a creamy color with a blue green accent walls on the kitchen end, which I really like and don't plan on changing any time soon.  The family room has a built in shelving on one end of the room surrounding the fireplace.  There is also a built in desk in the kitchen/eating area, and a sunroom off of the family room.  I really want to add in some color (throw pillows, rugs, accessories) such as blues, oranges, reds?  Any suggestions you can give would be fabulous.  I am including pictures of the areas as they are now, with the current owners furniture, so try to imagine it without furniture.  Smile emoticon  Also, I just really love the blue green aqua colors, and have some pottery I will be using in the kitchen, and a beautiful accent bowl that is also in those colors.  I just need help with good design, colors that go well together, furniture.  Too bad you don't live in CT!!!  Smile emoticon 

I am also going to link you up to a few photos that are from the MLS, since I for some reason did not take a really good shot of the entire room (I guess I was thinking I could always just look at the pics from the listing).
This link shows you part of the family room and the entrance hall.  There is a big waste of space in this part, as they don't use it for anything.  I'd like to open up the seating area a little more, without cutting off the entrance hall.
This one shows another view of the room with the sunroom on the left.  The living room is also accessed from this end of the family room, through some french doors.
This is the eating area, kitchen with access to the deck, and the laundry room is accessed through that back doorway.  I really love the color they have on the walls...LOVE it!  Smile emoticon
Another view from the family room area looking toward kitchen.  This shows you more of what I meant about pushing the seating area back, possibly to at least the doorway to the sunroom, still allowing access, but using up some of that wasted space.
Thanks for looking, and helping me if you can!

And the pictures of her fabulous home:

I am totally in love with this house!  It is beautiful!  There are so many things you can do to make it your own!  Sometimes it is really hard to see how a house is (with previous owners things in it) and then try not to do the exact thing.  So props to you for noticing that they have lots of waisted space!  We will get that fixed!

I love the green that they have painted!  It is a nice, neutral green that will work with pretty much anything!  I love the color scheme you were thinking about...the blues, oranges and reds.  I think that those colors work really well together and will really enhance what is already in the home (especially since the kitchen back splash has some orange/red colors in it!)

I don't know how many kiddos you have or the ages...but leather is a great, kid-friendly choice for your sofa!  I have 3 boys and my leather sofas have had a beating and they still look brand new!  I just wipe up whatever "mess" they put on them and no stain!  It is fabulous!  I know some people don't like leather because in the winter it gets cold...I haven't had that problem.  It has always been just the right temperature for me!!

Since I don't really know what type of shopping you have in CT, I thought I would look online for rugs, accessories, etc..  This rug came from Home Decorators Collection, and they have FABULOUS rugs at a fairly good price.  This rug has all the colors you were looking for in the rug.  If you go to the link, you can see a larger version of it and get a better look at all the colors.  But it does have the blue/green color, green, and orange/red color that looks like the tile in the backsplash.  This would look beautiful in the family room.

Here is a chair from Pier 1 that would be great for your FR.  Great news...this chair is only $199!  I think a pair of these would be great against the wall (closer to the entry way) with a table in between.  

Now for pillow:)  This is my favorite part!  Love lots of pillow!  These all cam from Pier 1 and all range from $20 on up.  If you have a pillow on each chair and then a variety on your sofa, you will be good to go!  (You don't have to use all these patterns...this is just a few that I loved!)

This is a throw that came from Pottery Barn.  It would look fabulous thrown on your sofa...I like the Blue Smoke color (the bottom color).

A long ottoman would be great in this room, that way there is more seating for guests/family.  I would scoot the sofa back or even angle it a bit so that the chairs are in the grouping.  You may not be able to fit a love seat in there on top of a would be one or the other.  Also I think that a sofa table would look really good behind the sofa.  Put a pair of lamps on top to give extra lighting.  One rule about lighting is that you want enough lighting through lamps and uplights that you don't ever have to use the lights from the ceiling.  Have everything glowing and pretty:)

Ok...I'm going to post this now...BUT...I'm not quite done yet.  So, check back in a bit!  I have to go do a family thing;)

Alright!  I'm back...sorry about that!  
One thing that drives me MAD is when people STUFF their bookshelves with books.  Ironic, right?  In the right setting it looks good, but adding baskets, pictures, flowers, pots, etc...make it look much more interesting.  Here is an example of what bookshelves could look like  (picture from Ballard Designs):

Here is a rug from Ballard Designs that is an Indoor/Outdoor rug that would be great for under the kitchen table.  What's so great about an Indoor/Outdoor rug?? is really durable, you can just hose it off when it gets dirty and it is easy to maintain!  Love that!

A few accessories that would look nice:

These topiaries are also from Ballard Design (I love that store!!)...topiaries are just something clean and fresh and look good in any type of design.  

I also love these balls and jars from Z always need something unexpected in a room to keep things interesting.  The glass balls would look fab and the jars would bring out more of the blue that you love.

I hope that these tips help you out Liz!  Good luck on the move and I hope that everything goes well!  Please send us some pictures of how you end up decorating!  I would love to see it!!  Have fun!

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  1. Thanks Summer! I love everything you've mentioned so far! We are actually moving in this Friday! But my dear husband won't let me buy any sofas until Labor Day weekend! So I might have to make due with some of this Pier 1 chairs until then. :)