June 2, 2010

Wrap Towel

I am so EXCITED to share this tutorial with you!  Now...a for my model...he was kind enough to put this on for me and let me take pictures...as long as I didn't show his face:)  He will hate me when he gets older:)  Thank goodness he loves his mama!!

With the help of my friend Sharla we were able to figure out how to make this cute little wrap towel.  Now...I know you can get these at all the fun boutiques around...but why not save $30 and just make one yourself!?  I ended up making one for my sons teacher for a end of school gift...you will see it at the end:)  So...you ready for the tutorial???

fabric (8 x 45" piece)
First of all, you are going to cut a piece of fabric that is 8" wide and 45" long.  **This totally depends on the size of your towel, so cut the appropriate amount of fabric...You are going to fold over 1" on each side and iron it flat.  This part is really like making a baby burp cloth.  

You are going to have extra on both sides, which is what you want.  Fold it under so you don't see the raw edge and make sure there is about 2" shown on the other side of the towel.  Like below:

Pin the towel all the way around and top stitch the fabric on.

This is where you get creative...I wanted some other color so I added a cute red ribbon onto the edge of the fabric.  Just make sure you sew both sides of the ribbon.

This is now the finished back-side of the towel. Now you are going to take the top of the towel....the WHOLE length of the towel...and fold down 2 1/4" and pin it down.  Sew it.  Now you have this nice little whole that you need to pull your elastic through.  My elastic is 3/4" wide.  Take a pin and pin the elastic so you can easily pull it through.  When it is through you are going to get your velcro ready.  Cut a 4 1/2" piece and have the fuzzy side on the fabric part of the towel. 

The velcro starts at the end of the elastic...to the right.  Sew the velcro on top of the elastic...it is all very thick...you are sewing through both sides of the towel, velcro and elastic.  Now you need to sinch the elastic to the size that will fit.  My finished length is: 32".

Now cut a 4 1/2" piece of the rough part of the velcro and sew it on the front side of the towel at the top.  Again, you are going to sew it on top of the velcro...it ends up being flat under the velcro.  

See the rough part of the velcro to the right?  Thats how it should look:)  After you sew that on...YOU ARE DONE!  I think everyone needs one of these for the summer time when you are getting ready for the day!  Much cooler to put this on and do your hair and makeup!  I need to make myself one now!!

My cute model...shh...don't tell:)

The gift for my sons teacher...cute bag from Sam Moon, towel and Rice hot/cold pack (a tutorial for next week).  If you have questions...feel free to email me!  


  1. Awesome! The elastic on mine died and this looks really easy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kason asked why his friend is wearing a dress. For your son's dignity I told him that I didn't know who it was modeling.