June 28, 2010

Milk and Cookies Party

My sweet little baby celebrated his FIRST birthday!!  I was so sad on that day!  I'm kind of in denial...it just flew by WAY to quickly for me:)  I found this DARLING party on A.Style blog and pretty much copied it.  I saw it and knew THAT was going to be Connor's birthday!!  I totally fell in love!  Now...it was about a 100 degrees outside, but thankfully it was at a covered pavillion and we had fans...but it was still HOT!  So hot that my cake melted when I cut into it:)  Note to self...when it is 100 degrees outside, DO NOT have the middle of the cake be chocolate mousse:)  Oh well, everyone was so filled with hot dogs, hamburgers and cookies, no one seemed to mind!  Here are some pics:

The whole table...milk is on the right in the Galvanized Bucket...too bad most of  the ice melted by the time the party started, otherwise it would have been raised higher and you could see it all:)

I was so happy with the way this turned out!  A.Style really is brilliant, such a cute idea for the cake!  You need to check out her ideas!  The cookies on top are brownies and then I just frosted them and put chocolate chips on them.

I don't know if you can tell...but I have cute little brown and white bags that guests took to fill them with cookies;)  I just got my Cricut and had little circles with either a "C" or a "1" on the bags.  

These were the take home gifts...I had to make them:)  I found little cookie jars at Hobby Lobby for .75 cents, covered them with a square of fabric, put a rubber band around them to make the fabric stay put, tied a ribbon on them with a little tag.  Thats it!  They took me about 10 minutes to do:)

There were 10 different kinds of cookies...probably about 25-30 dozen cookies!! Craziness!  A HUGE thank you to my Mom, Ben's Mom, my cousin Jennie and my sis-in-law Wendy for helping me!!  These were the kinds of cookies we had:

Raspberry Thumbprints
White Chocolate Lemon
Triple Chocolate
Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin
Peanut Butter Cup


  1. JUST AMAZING!!!!!! happy birthday conner!!!! you did a FABULOUS JOB!!!!! sounds like the party was a HIT!!!!

  2. Oh, now that is precious. I bet your guests were impressed, because I sure was! The cake was amazing...and I bet even melted mousse tasted YUM!!!