June 15, 2010

Girls Camp

Has anyone out there been wondering where I have been?  I hope someone has:)  I am going to my church's Girls Camp this week and I have been CRAZY busy getting things ready!  I leave tomorrow and thankfully just finished the last of my stuff!  I will start back up to my regular blogging next week:)

Here are a few things I wanted to share!!  Especially if you happen to have a "Wizard of Oz" theme for your Girls Camp!!

This is what I am giving my Secret Sister...(someone I get to give a gift to everyday:).  Idea came from Martha of course!  The tag says, "Enjoy your wicked treat!"  I stuck a bunch of candy in the bag.

Inside the wrapper are rice krispie treats...the Little Debbie brand because they are yellow and look like the yellow brick road.  Image came from my sister-in-law, Whitney...Thank you!!

These are Ding Dongs, of course...had to include this one!

I just finished frosting these bad boys...had to make 40 of them!  I am still waiting for the frosting to harden up a bit so I can put them in bags and tie them with a pretty red bow:)  The group I am over has claimed to be the "Red Slipper Group"...had to make these!

My camera died so I wasn't able to post the T-shirts I had to make and other gifts I have been working on!  Just wish me luck on being outside in 98-99 degree weather...It's going to be HOT!!  Oh...have I mentioned that I have to leave my baby behind for the first time {{sob, sob}}.  This may be hard for me!!

Until Monday...have a FABULOUS week!  


  1. All of those look fabulous--but would I have thought you could have done otherwise?? Oh, how I wish I was going!!!
    Have fun. xo

  2. Such a cute idea. You always amaze me. How do you find time to do it all. Your super woman! Have fun camping.

  3. You are truly AMAZING! I love checking out your website for these great ideas! THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

  4. A-Dor-Able as usual, Summer! I bet the girls just loved everything you did for them!

  5. You amaze me with all of your crafty talents and time to do them, even with your 3 boys!