May 24, 2010

Multi-Purpose Room...Part 2

Hello All!  So I seem to have been slacking this last week on's not on purpose.  It was due to lack of time:)  It seems that this is always a REALLY busy time for me!!  I think its with school almost out, graduations, WEDDINGS, lots and lots of babies---which equals lots and lots of baby gifts.  So...forgive me!  And forgive me for being late on this post!

So without any other is the Makeover Monday post!  Remember Sarah from last week?  Well, I am finishing up her home!  I talked about the mysterious Multi-Purpose Room...and that's what we are going to do!

This is what Sarah had to say:
Okay so, this is a huge dilemma. I'm almost embarrassed to send these pictures because it isn't a good example of how the rest of my house is. It's not great, but this is the worst room by far.  (i blurred our name on the blocks)

So, this is our multi purpose room... usually called the playroom or computer room. We are here most of the day for sure. But, it is my very very least favorite room.

First of all, when you walk into my house, you walk right into the main living area (also where our tv is). It's connected to the formal dining room which we use as the music room. Anyway, it's a big long room and it's RED! It's not super elegant or anything (I have 3 little kids) but it is nice.  That feeds into the kitchen, which you can see bits and pieces of in these pictures. That is our next project. I'm planning to paint the kitchen and "computer" room and light brown color. I think it would work with the red as it's kind of all connected... so it would flow. While I'm a little sick of red, I think accents would like nice to help it all go together, so I'm thinking (not 100% sure) of doing turquoise and red in the kitchen. Do I need to carry on that color scheme in this room? Would it look funny with different colors since it's almost open to the kitchen?

Alright so now... we need a major redo. The futon is covered with just a fitted sheet, so that's easy to replace. The curtains need a MAJOR overhaul.. and 2 panels per window for sure (it has always needed 2 but my mom bought them and we could never find more). Different curtains of course. I prefer them long (as opposed to valances) because the sun is REALLY bad in the summer. And the walls all need help! I think it'd be fun to recover the little chair to match everything, but, it might be time to get rid of it too. It's SUPER comfy, but I feel like it could be in a better place. The bookshelf is in extremely bad shape and is going in the trash (or we might salvage parts of it for another project or something).... so, that whole "corner" needs serious help.  As does the mantle and picture over the mantle. That was a super cheap garage sale purchase when we first moved in and I thought "oh, I'll just use the frame and replace the picture." I'd love a mirror, but I don't think I'm ready to spend money on one, so I was thinking of a series of photos (set of 4 or something) or possible 3 long pieces of something. I'm open. The mantle is pretty ugly, I know. Seriously, I'm embarrassed. The reason this room is the worst is because most people don't see it! We stay in the front. But I want it nice for us.

Oh, and what about that lovely "black" shade over the door window. It's very nice to help keep out some heat, but it's ugly. Should I put blinds and matching curtains there too?

Lastly, I'd LOVE to add my craft table and shelving here, I was thinking possible in the little corner with chair and bookshelf, but I just don't know how to make everything work. And if that wouldn't work, where should I put it?   I don't know how to make it all work and look good! I know, it's a mess.

My other problem is, I'm cheap, really cheap... so I don't want to spend a lot, but, I'm ready for a change to make it actually look good! So, I'm willing to do something!

HELP please!!!!

Here are the pictures:

To answer a few of your questions...yes, I do think that you should have some red spread throughout.  BUT, you just have a little bit.  Just so it flows.  So, maybe have a little red in the pillows.  Not much:)  

Last week we talked about painting this room a nice, neutral green color.  So I think the best thing to do is have a neutral futon color...especially since you are sick of red:)  Here is one that I found:
Cymax, $35 the color is Elite Sand Solid
(If you paint your kitchen table black, I would use the same paint and give a fresh coat to your would make a huge impact!!)

Whats great about going solid on the futon is that you can have a blast with pillows and drapes!  Here are a few things to look at:

These came from Pier 1 and they all range from $20-$30.  These are just ideas of some colors and patterns.  You can easily find cheaper ones at places like Marshalls, Ross, Target, etc...I would do about 3 pillows on the sofa and one in the chair.

This striped fabric would make some beautiful drapes.  I found it at JoAnn's and it is $23.99 yd.  I agree with you...a total of 4 panels would be fabulous!!

This chair came from Pier 1, it is $169.99.  I just loved that it had all the colors that you love in it: red, blue and green.  (Hint...when you start getting all your extras, you can have places like Home Depot color match to give you the perfect color.) can absolutely recover your chair like you are thinking about doing.  I would definitely go for a print.  Something that will tie everything the chair above.   Think of a paisley, floral, plaid, etc...and add a pillow out of that fabric as well:)

Now for the mantle.  I love your idea of putting a group of 4 pictures up there.  If you do that, make sure that you make them big!  So maybe get 11x13 frames, have a matte and then use 8x10 pictures.  Another option is to have some rod iron up there.  At Hobby Lobby they have some FABULOUS pieces.  I think they even have tall skinny ones so you could do a group of 3.  Then if you do that you could have some pictures on the mantle with a plant on either side or even some candlesticks (I think I like this option best).  

Another thing you could do to your mantle is paint it!!  It is so easy to fact I did mine a few years ago.  Just sand it a bit...rough it up, then put a primer on it and then paint it (black would be a good option, especially if you paint your kitchen table black...just use the same paint!).  

I love this!!  I got the idea here.  In fact I have made them for my baby's room also!  You can do it several ways...get 12x12" wood, or Styrofoam or even some frames, or canvas.  I did Styrofoam and it was a pain:) This would look great on the big wall that you have next to your computer.  It is such a nice, cheap way to add fabulous art.  You can do as many as you want also...3, 6, 9...whatever!  Just find some fabulous paper to match your stuff!

I think this answers all your questions...EXCEPT the big one of...Where should I put everything???  I am in the process of trying to scan out my drawing for you...its not working, so I may have to wait till the hubby gets home:)  So check back later tonight for some options!!!

Thanks for letting me help you with this Sarah and I hope that it gave you some good ideas!


  1. Thank you!!! So many GREAT ideas! I can't wait to get started!! Thank you so much, I really appreciate the time you take to do this!!

  2. Did you get a chance to scan the drawing yet? I'd love to see it!