May 17, 2010

M.M...Kitchen...Part 1

This is take 2 of this post...hopefully it is similar to what I did the first time around:)

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I spent mine going to my hubby's brothers Wedding!  So the weekend was filled with all the fun wedding parties!  We had so much fun!  Congrats to Cameron and Chelsea!  I hope your having fun relaxing at Cabbo....I'm not at all jealous:)  Here is a picture of how beautiful they look!

Now onto Makeover Monday!  YEAH!!  This is from Sarah.  She needs help with her Kitchen and her Multi-Purpose Room.  Since there are so many questions, I decided to just do 2 parts.  Part 1 today is the Kitchen and Part 2 is next Monday and that is the Multi-Purpose Room.  Here is the letter from Sarah:

We got the kitchen painted and I love the color, it looks so much better than white, but I NEED color! so I have no clue what colors I will do in the kitchen now... which means it doesn't matter what I do in the multi-purpose/playroom. Actually, I am sort of contemplating painting it a different color, but would that be too much? I was thinking a soft green--but if I can add enough color with curtains and accessories, I'd be fine with the neutral. Am I confusing? (Nope...not at all confusing!  I totally understood all that!)

Here are some pictures of the kitchen with it's paint... that's what I was originally planning to bring into the back room. What do you think? You're the expert! Keep it all through and color with accents?

And not to make more work for you... but if you're bored (cough, cough)... what in the world do I put on that kitchen wall?!?!? And we were given this table which also needs a major redo. Our appliances are black so we were thinking of painting that black, but I don't know if that's boring--or if it would look fab! I don't know my options when painting/refinishing tables! And I am redoing the curtains once I figure out what colors I want! Anyway, just thought I'd ask for little "tips" if you had any! But, I don't want you to have to do more for me, so I won't be offended if you don't! :) That other room is enough work!!
Here are Sarah's Pictures:

Can I just say how cute Sarah's girls are!

First of all...I love the paint!  You are does look better than white!  I think that painting the Multi-purpose room a shade of green would be a great idea!  That way you won't get bored with just brown...changing it up is always good!  A fabulous color that has never steered me wrong is:
Brand: Behr
Color: Shortgrass Prairie
#: 760D-5

These are some Roman Shades that I think would look great on your windows.   They will add lots of color and since you don't have any blinds, you will get some added privacy as well.  According to JCP you will also save 25% on your heating and cooling costs:)  Whats great about Roman shades is that you can have whatever length you want!  All the way up, all the way down, part way...whatever.   These came from JCPenney and they come in tons of different colors!  They are also only about $50 per shade.  You can also get a 3rd one and put it in the other room to replace the black one you have up!  You can also dress them up and add more color by adding some fringe along the bottom of the shade.

Now you were talking about redoing your table.  Black would be a great option for you!  Shanty 2 Chic had a great tutorial on how to revamp your table.  The only hard part about it is waiting patiently between coats!!  You could also paint your chairs black or you could do another color (which is really popular right now)...totally up to you!  But a fabulous thing to do is add some of these darling chair cushions:

I found these cushions at Pier 1...if you love them...they are on clearance right now for $25.  So fun!
Here are a few things about chair cushions:
1.  Have a different print than what your drapes don't want them to CLASH!  So, if you have solid drapes, have a fun stripe, floral, plaid, dot, etc...
2. Don't rule out out door fabric for your cushion!  Outdoor fabric is FABULOUS!  If anything spills on it, it just puddles and you just wipe it up!  Keep in mind that they are out right now and they might be on clearance at some stores!
3.  You could also gather your 40% off coupons for JoAnn's and get some foam and perfect fabric and sew some of your own custom cushions!  May be a bit more expensive...or cheaper...depending on what you pick out!
Now for the big wall.  You all know how I feel about picking out someone elses here are a few options that you could do:
Color Block Clock from Pier 1, $60

Wall Art from Pier 1, $150

Some other things you can do down the road is add some hardware to your cabinets and do some different lighting.  Maybe a chandelier with some fabulous little lamp shades.  I hope that this gives you a few ideas for your Kitchen!  Stay tuned next week for part 2! 


  1. Awesome, thank you so very much! And hardware for the cabinets is a great ideas! And, I never thought of having colorful chairs with a black table, that's a great idea!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cushions!! that print is fabulous! I'm going to have to go to pier 1... I've been wanting to check out kirklands by us that has some great art too... I'll have to go for sure! I'm so excited, thanks for the ideas! When I get it all done (hopefully sooner than later) I'll send you pics!!

    thank you again!

    PS what temple is that? is looks like my temple... are you close to me?!

  2. YahhhH!!! I kept checking to see if you had any pictures of the kids up yet :)
    (And to see your Money Makeover, of course!)
    if you have anymore of em and feel like emailing that would be awesome! But, if you want to wait until they're off their honeymoon and can see them first then I totally get that, too :)

    It was great to finally meet you and your beautiful family. We're excited Chelsea is a Thatcher - y'all seem to be top-notch!

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