May 10, 2010

Formal Living Room

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday!  Did you all get spoiled by your family??  Well...after having a week off....I'm ready to blog again!  I had a blast in Florida and didn't realize how badly I needed a vacation!!  All I have to say is if you are ever going to Disney World...go between March and May...we were able to just walk on most rides and maybe waited in line for 0-45 min...max!  It was great!  

Anyway...on to Makeover Monday!!  Brandy emailed me with 2 different rooms...This is part 1...the Formal Living Room.  Brandy just moved into this house about a month ago.  Here is what she has to say about this room:

We are getting our front 2 story foyer and living room painted on Monday, the paint will go up the stairwell as well.  We are painting our whole downstairs with it eventually because we couldn't decide where to stop.   

We chose Practical Beige (very neutral) from Sherwin Williams

We plan to move the piano to the middle wall, we have a big mirror to hang there.  I HATE the rug in there, but we have had it forever.  It used to be in kids playroom.  I could easily part with it.  Any suggestions on furniture arrangements or drapery or whatever.

My eye is drawn to brown/blue/green decorations and rugs.  We got a new rug for under our table - squares of all those colors.  It is from Lowe's along with the other Boomerang rug from Lowe's in our living room.

Here are the pictures Brandy sent:

I'm going to start off with the room placement.  I would start by leaving the piano where it is, but center it on that wall...on the bottom picture I can't tell if it is or not:)  Then I would move the chairs to be in front of the sofa.  Right now the chairs look a little squished and kind of lost over there, by moving them in front of the sofa it will bring the room together and feel a little more cozy.  I would also find a coffee table or ottoman to put in the middle to bring it together.  

Next...I would get some greenery...I think you need a tree in the corner between the sofa and piano. needs to be BIG!  If you have a little wimpy tree in the corner it will just get lost.  The ceilings are so tall that you need to make sure you get some height in there. 

Lamps...I would put some lamps on the side tables.  LIGHTING is something that people always neglect in rooms.  One thing I was taught in school is that you shouldn't have to rely on the lighting on the ceiling...have lamps and up-lamps be your source of lighting.  So, if you get a BIG tree in the corner, get an up-lamp to put in the pot and it will give you another light source and it looks beautiful!

This lamp would be a good one to start off is from Target and it is only $30.  Since the tables are so small, you need something that has a smaller base, but you still need some height.  

Now for Rugs...If I remember right, I think your sofa is more on the beige side than the looks more green in the pics though??  Anyway, here are a few rugs that would work:

This is from Lowe's, and it is about $150.

This rug is from Home Decorators, and it is about $ you have 2 price ranges:) can find one like this anywhere!!

Calico Corners, it is called Seres Wedgewood/ Aqua.Teal.  It is $26.34 p/yd.
These would make beautiful drapes...If I remember right, I think you and hubby don't like "in-your-face" fabrics...this would be a nice fabric that still gives you some color.
The simple flat panel drapery would work well for this room since I know you like things simple and since you have so many windows.  It's a lot of fabric, but it will make a huge impact!

These 2 fabrics would make great pillows (also use the striped fabric as well):

Calico Corners, Phinney/Robin's Egg, $33.99 p/yd.

Calico Corners, Jangle/Silversage, $27.19 p/yd.

As for I have said before, I think that is VERY personal.  I could pick something out for you...but that would be my taste and not have to live with it and I don't:)  I love the idea of you putting a mirror above the sofa.  I would get something BIG and amazing to live above the piano, especially since that is the first thing people will see when they come into your home.  So I am BEGGING you to go BIG!  Otherwise it will just get lost on your wall and you might as well not put anything there!!

OK...I think that is all the advice I have!  I hope that this helps and that I got you on the right track!  If you have any questions...let me know!

Come visit me on Wednesday for an AMAZING Brunch idea...your going to LOVE this!

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