May 28, 2010

Bottle Cap Necklaces

Today started off just Fabulous...I was at my 1st Graders Field Day!  Can I just say that after being in 94 degree weather for 2 hr. and 30 min...I am BEAT!  I just want to stay inside and drink water the rest of the day!!  I am totally jealous of how much energy kids have!  Maybe its because I am 3-0...but they just kept running and running and I was dying!  Oh well!  They had fun!  That's what matters!  Here is Little Man in a relay...Love this picture!

Anyway...on to the CRAFT!!  I searched EVERYWHERE on how to make these necklaces and I had to go to a million sites before I got the full picture!  So I thought I would spare you the time and just give you a step by step on how to make bottle cap necklaces!  

The supplies you need:
* Print you want to use
* Glitter glue
* Mod Podge
* Bottle Caps (got them at Hobby Lobby, 6 per package)
* E-6000 glue or something simialr
* Glossy Accents
* Chain
* Bead accessory

Start with the print you want to use.  I am going to Girls Camp with my Church group and some of the Ladies wanted to make these for the girls.  My FABULOUS sister-in-law, Whitney, designed these for me!  A HUGE thank you to her!!  (If you need something done, she can make it happen!!)  First you want to give a topcoat of Mod Podge to the it will not bleed when you add the Glossy Accents.  Then when that is dry, add some glitter glue...for the little bit of sparkle!!

When everything is dry, cut the image to size and then put a bit of E-6000 glue to the back of the image and put inside the bottle cap.  Then you want to get Glossy Accents (I got this at Michaels...I searched EVERYWHERE for this part!  This works:)  This stuff gives you that fun glossy, protectant for the necklace.  Put this on the image and make sure you get it everywhere...Then let it dry.

Once it is dry, you slip it onto your chain as well as your bead...and your done!  These are sooo easy to do!  If any of you would like the image that I have...just send me an e-mail and I will send it to you!  


  1. I'd love the image you used for your ruby slippers necklace. Thanks!