April 28, 2010

Popcorn Bucket Cupcakes

Hello All!  Well...here is the tutorial I promised you on Monday!  These were so fun...and time consuming:)  Totally worth it though...right??  Now...if you want to take the easy way out...just buy these.  I did not know they existed until Monday.  BUT...these only cost me $1.50!  OH...I can't really say where the idea came from because there are vague tutorials all over the internet without directions...So I decided to do a really good tutorial for you!  But this is what I was copying.
So...first things first.  
1.Go to Michaels and buy you some of these candy and nut holders.  I got them in the cupcake section.  
2. Get your red sharpie and color every little ridge...that is the time consuming part:)
3. Go to Microsoft Word and make you some Popcorn tags...or you can email me and I can email you what I did:)
4. Make your cupcakes and put them in regular liners...I used white.
5. Stick the cupcake in your cute little "bucket"
6. Get your pastry bag out with the biggest round tip and swirl the frosting on...you want it to look like a cone so the "popcorn" doesn't lat flat.

7. Cut yourself a million of these little bad boys.  If you make 24 cupcakes you will need one bag plus 1/3 of another.  I used kitchen shears and made each one different.  Some had 4 parts, some had 3.  I also turned them on the side and cut them...I like that best.

8. Put your "popcorn" on the frosting and turn them in different directions so it looks like a bucket of popcorn.
9. Get some yellow color mist...you can find this stuff anywhere...I got mine at Hobby Lobby.
10. Spray your "popcorn".  Make sure you have paper towel spread everywhere so you don't stain your stuff!!  Just spray bits here and there...you don't want the whole thing to be yellow.

And your done! Admire all your hard work!
Because everyone will be taking pictures of these little darlings with their phone and texting it to friends...I know this because I took the leftovers to some of the older girls at my church and they went crazy over them!  They even kept the buckets.  Everyone got a kick out of them.  And it made me feel special:)  (As you can see...the bottom tier/middle part is lacking "popcorn"...that's because I ran out of marshmallows.  And I was sick of making them:)

And to answer some questions on where I got my stuff...
I got the hot dog holders and the buckets in the Dollar section at Target.  I just got the buckets last week and the hot dog holders last summer....but they always come out then...so be on the look out!


  1. So cute. I've been trying to convince Molly that she wants a movie star birthday party.

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing. I can't wait to try doing these. And, yes, they do sound very time consuming, but they look FABULOUS! Great job!

  3. These are too adorable! I just happened across your blog doing a search for marshmallow cream filling- LOL
    I found your chocolate devils food cupcakes and then saw the suggested thread below for this article as well. I think I may have to save your blog to my favs! What an ingenius idea here! My kids will love this! Thx for sharing!