April 12, 2010

Pillows, Pillows Everywhere!

All I can say is I {Heart} pillows.  Always have, always will!  Thankfully my hubby finds it endearing:)  I think that if there was ever a fight with husbands and wives it is always about the quantity of pillows on the sofa and especially the bed!  Husbands wants only 2 pillows on the bed...the ones you sleep on and thats it.  Wives want as many as possible.  So...it can take some convincing to get the husband to agree, MORE is BETTER:)  So I took a few pictures of the pillows I have throughout my home and will tell you a few things you MUST know about pillows!!

This is my bedroom.  Since I have taken this picture (this was about 1 year ago) I have changed a ton of things...like lamps and added vases and what not...just a side note for you:)  This is an example of how many pillows I have on my bed.  2 Euro Shams in the back...they are each 28", I wish I would have done 3 in the back...I just didn't have the $$ then.  Then I have 2 standards in the front of that.  One long bolster pillow and one cute decorative pillow.  

The pillows are what make my bed.  As you can see I have just a cream colored matlesse coverlet...pretty boring.  I add the pillows and a throw at the foot and thats what makes the bed.  In a few years when I am sick of the whole chocolate/aqua thing, I can swap out pillows and have a completely different look.  Love that!!

So...Here is my cute decorative pillow...I have some brushed fringe on the sides, brown velvet fabric with a small cord on either side of the blue ruffles.  

These are a few pillows that I have on my sofa.  The plaid pillow has a decorative cord around it and the other one has brushed fringe around it.  
One question I get A LOT is...How many pillow do I put on my sofa? I go by the odd rule...always have an ODD number of pillows on your sofa.  So on your big sofa, you might do 3-5 pillows.  You can have 2 - 20" pillows on either side and then a kidney pillow in the middle (kidney pillow is a rectangle pillow).  You could do bolster pillows (cylinder looking pillows) on the ends...etc...the sky is the limit.  You just have to find the compromise with your spouse:)  Also...decide if you want people sitting on them, are you going to move them when people sit, do you want people to lay on them...you get the picture. 

The next question I get often is what size of pillow do I need to get for my sofa??  The standard is a 20" pillow...HOWEVER, when it is all made up it ends up being about 18".  WHY?  Here's how it works...You buy a 20" pillow, you cut your fabric to make a 20" square and sew it up and stuff your pillow insert...you will have to stuff it!  This way your pillow will be nice a plump and not get lost in the fabric.  At least that's how custom places make them!!  (Believe me I know...I worked at a place for 5 years).  Another thing...make sure you add zippers...if something spills on them you can take it off and get dry cleaned or change out the pillow cover for another one.

This is another Euro Sham...but it has a knife edge...meaning there is NO trim...just plain.  I have several of these lying around for people to either sit on or lay on when they come.  My kids love them when they watch TV.  

Now for my last bit of advice.  Take a close look at these pillows...see anything ANNOYING?  See the LUMPS??  Yeah...these pillows were stuffed with batting.  After a few months of owning these types of pillows they get lumpy REAL quick.  There are 3 types of pillows out there:

1. Pillows filled with batting (like above)...don't last long and look lumpy.
2.  Pillow with a poly insert...better than #1, but will eventually look lumpy.  It is cheaper, but is it REALLY in the long run when you have to go back and buy another one shortly after??
3.  Pillow with a down insert...MY CHOICE.  Yes it is a bit more expensive, but they will LAST FOREVER!!  When company comes, you just give them a nice fluff and they look good as new.  They DO NOT look lumpy.  This is what will give your pillow that custom look we all want!  All of my pillows have the down insert in them (except for the ones above and they are leaving the premise VERY soon).

Where to get them??  The best pillows I have seen are from Calico Corners...I LOVE their pillows.  The price is very reasonable also.  Also, if you are wondering...all the fabric (minus lumpy pillows) came from Calico Corners as well.

I hope that this has helped some of you with your pillow questions...if you have anymore, just ask!!  There are so many different types of pillows out there that are SO CREATIVE...so get out there, pick out some amazing fabric and get creative!  If you can't sew...well...go to Calico Corners, they can help you out:)


  1. Dear Summer, love your helpful comments on decorating with pillows! You're right about batting and inserts--and thought you might like to know that the Calico Corners stores can special order down or poly inserts in many additional sizes and shapes: square (up to 36" floor pillows), rectangular, round, boxed, even balls and cubes! Bed pillows too.

    Also, Calico carries a really nice line of poly inserts covered with fabric for those who have allergies to down products.

    There is another way to stack bed pillows: horizontally. Have rectangular shams made with boxed sides and put the sleeping pillow on top. You could finish off the bed with a smaller accent pillow in front.
    Happy decorating!

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