April 26, 2010

Movie Party

Before I get to this:

I need to answer a few questions I have gotten lately!
Like this one:

I had a friend ask me what the name of the paint is that I painted my guest bath...it is Boston Fern by Behr.
This has been one of my favorite places in my house...I love how bright and pretty it is...my boys do not deserve this bathroom...they just don't appreciate it:)

Another question I got was from Natasha...
Q: "What can you do above kitchen cabinets that does not involve fake greenery?"
A: I have noticed that people are really staying away from greenery on top of their cabinets lately...  No worries...there is tons you can put up there besides just greenery.  For example: (totally depending on how much room you have between the tops of cabinets and your ceiling...) art work, pottery/glass...like vases, plates, bowls...trunks, bird cages, wooden words (like family, home, etc..).  Basically just go down the isles of your favorite store and if you see something you like, it will work up there.  The possibilities are endless.  

You can also do nothing up there...don't feel like you HAVE to have a ton of stuff above your cabinets.  If your style is simplistic, you won't want much there anyway.  You can also keep it very minimal and have just a few things kinda spaced out.  This advice goes to people who don't have much room from the top of cabinets to the ceiling...keep it VERY simple.

One thing to keep in mind is if you have a lot going on up top, make sure you keep your counter tops clear.  Otherwise there is WAY too much going on.  You should keep those pretty clear anyway:)
Hope this helps!  Natasha feel free to email me some pictures and I can help you out more!!

Don't forget to send in your pictures for Makeover Monday!  I have had a few people email me their decorating dilemmas so THANK YOU!!

NOW...on to the PARTY!!
Caden had his 7 year old birthday party and he was pretty specific on what he wanted...
1. Only BOYS
2. Lots of FOOD
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks (as the featured film...)

So that's what we did:)  Here are some pics!
The cute little cupcakes...I have to say that this was my favorite part of the party:)  They turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself:)  And yes...I am lame enough to color every stinking cup with red stripes.  And can I just say that I found these on Bakerellas site today and I got a little sick;(  I totally could have purchased them!!  I couldn't find them anywhere...There is going to be a tutorial on these cuties on Wednesday!  So come check it out!!
Here is the complete set up.

Each boy was given 15 tickets and they could buy whatever they wanted...

The cupcake display...I get asked over and over again..."Where did you get your cupcake stand??"  Well my friends...Crate and Barrel.  It's only $30.  Go get you one, it will be the best purchase you ever made!!!  I promise people will want to borrow yours over and over and over again and then just go get one themselves:)
Movie Candy...


Had to have Nachos:)

I made a "SNACKS" sign with my fabulous Cricut...

The birthday boy blowing out the "trick" candles...I had no idea they were trick...oops!

The boys on their sugar high!  They had so much junk they didn't have room for cupcakes and ice cream...after all that work:(  Oh well...they just took several home!  All in all...great party with tons of food and 7 boys on a sugar high...no wonder I had a migraine after:)


  1. What an awesome idea! I can't wait for that popcorn cupcake tutorial!

  2. Soooo much fun! What a great idea for a birthday party!
    I have been wanting to do this just for fun and invite friends over, and you've given me some more ideas! Thankx. ;)
    Where did you get your hog dog holders? And what's in those adorable buckets? And WHERE did you get those adorable buckets. =)
    SO CUTE!
    Happy Birthday Caden!

  3. So neat!!! BTW - what Cricut cartridge did you use for your banner?

  4. Super cute and very creative! Great job! :)

  5. That's very cute about try this for my daughter 6th birthday good ideas

  6. That's very cute about try this for my daughter 6th birthday good ideas