April 23, 2010

Flower Hair Clips

Remember these cute PJ's I posted a few weeks ago??  Well today you get to see how to make the cute flower hair clip!  Also...I made a MAJOR boo boo...I wrote that I made these for Aliza's 5th Birthday...it was actually her 6th birthday...Sorry Aliza!!  

I totally meant to post these last week...but like got in the way and there was no time for the post!  So today was the day!  I hope you like these!  I was pretty excited!  The best part is you can have such a variety of different fabrics...the possibilities are endless!!

What you need:
Fabric...as many different prints as you want...I used 2 different prints
Small piece of felt
Crocodile clip...if using for your hair
Hot glue gun
Thread and needle

First start by making the circles...for the bottom part of the flower you will need 6, 10 cm circles (again, the choice is yours by how big you want the flower to be...just play with it, it is very forgiving.)  For the middle layer and top you will need 5, 8 cm circles.  I did 4 of one print and 1 for the top.

You need to cut each circle straight up to the middle.

Now is the fun part...just start folding your fabric back and forth...depending on what your fabric looks like you may start the way I did or go the opposite way so you see the print.  That will make sense when you start to make them.

Keep folding back and forth...

Until it looks like this.  I did this to all my circles and used binding clips for quilting to hold them in place until I got to the next step...

See...all nice and folded.

For this next part you need to get a long piece of thread, thread that needle and get started...Stitch each circle so it will stay in place and not unfold.  It doesn't have to be pretty, no one will see your stitches.

After you have stitched them all, get a little piece of felt and cut out a circle.  Hot glue the big circles to the felt.

Now glue the 4 small circles to the big circles...you really could do 5 here if you want...totally up to you...

Take the last little piece and glue that in the middle...That's it...the flower is done!  Now just decide how you want to wear it...hair, clothes, purse...whatever and put either a crocodile clip or something on the back to keep it in place!  Have fun making these!

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