April 30, 2010


The family is leaving for DISNEYWORLD tomorrow and can I tell you how EXCITED we are??  We have been saving for several months and getting the boys excited since we did our service project to get free tickets!  Can't wait.  We are going with my cousin, Jennie, and her family...they just happen to have 3 boys the same age as mine;)  Jennie and I got together and made some DARLING autograph books/scrapbooks.  So this is the craft for today.  For some reason I love my pictures of what I did...so these are Jennies pictures...thanks Jen:)

The cover of our books...

the inside...the characters will sign on one side and a picture will go on the next.
So if you are planning a trip to Disney...hopefully this will spark some ideas on what you can do!  We got all the paper and plastic covers at Hobby Lobby.  They sell Disney packets with EVERYTHING you can think of in it.

So...I will be gone all next week...and also celebrating the BIG 3-0...ahhhh...I can't be that old yet!  Good thing I will be at the happiest place on earth and can't be depressed!!  So check back later for some other fabulous ideas!  Thanks again to all those who have sent me emails for their Makeover Dilemmas!  I have loved getting these emails!  


  1. I'm jealous but have SUCH A GOOD TIME!!! and take lots of pictures!

  2. What a GREAT way to spend your 30th (I mean 29th) birthday! It is really not that bad. Have a fabulous time.