April 9, 2010

Cutest PJ's EVER!!

Can I just tell you how excited I am with these cute PJ's??  They were so INCREDIBLY EASY to make!  I do have to thank Handmade Mommy for the fabulous tutorial on the 15 minute jammy pants.  You CANNOT mess these up and you can do so many different things to them...like add a ruffle, turn them into capri bottoms, shorts...you get the picture.  They really do only take 15 minutes to make (unless you add a ruffle...).  So, run to the store, buy tons of cute fabric and get started!  

This is the Aliza...my darling little model:)  It was her 5th Birthday and this is what my boys (AHEM...me) gave her.  I had to have a little photo shoot with her because she is so stinking cute!!  (Notice the cuteness in her hair...that is the sneak peak for next week:)

What you need:
Fabric for PJ's...depends on the size of your little one, but I got
1 yd of dots
1/4 yd (maybe a bit more?) of floral.

So how many of you know how to make cute shirts like this??  Let me know, because if you want to know...I can do a little tutorial on them...so EASY!  But let me warn you...do not get the shirts from Hobby Lobby...after they are washed, they shrink in weird places and look very unproportionate.  

Now to the ruffle...this was the first one I have ever done, so I always find things I would do different.  But that's ok:)  Here are the steps:
1.  Decide how big you want your ruffle.  I cut 4" strips. 
2.  Hem the bottom of the ruffle...Iron it well and sew.
3.  Baste the top of the fabric, like above.  I set my machine with the tension at the highest number (9) and the biggest stitch I could do (5).  Make sure you leave REALLY LONG tails of string on both sides so you can play with the ruffle.

What I wish I would have done, but didn't know I should have done it till they were done:)
1.  Hem the PJ bottoms before you sew on the ruffle...otherwise there is a mess of strings.
2.  Hem the top of the ruffle...same reason as above.
Trust me...do this!!!
This is how it looks after I sewed it...all cute and ruffly.  Now the tricky part is spreading out the ruffle to the size you need it to be...which is why you need LONG tails.  

What worked for me was to start pinning the ruffle to the pj's...notice how the pj's are right side out and the ruffle goes up...so right sides together.  When you have the ruffle positioned correctly, sew the two ends of the ruffles together.  (I would have had a picture of this, but there were WAY too many strings because I didn't hem my stuff!!)  Then sew the to the PJ's...make sure when you are sewing it that you sew below the basting stitch so you don't see it when you are done.

This is the ruffle complete...for my first one...not too shabby:)  

I am so in love with these...I just might make some for myself:)  The fabric came from Hobby Lobby, if you were curious!

I love this picture!!  Love the pose:)


  1. Oh my what a cute model!! She loves the pj's, super cute. She wanted me to correct you though, she turned 6!

  2. Totally adorable! They're almost too cute to be pjs.

  3. Thanks for linking back to my tutorial - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And the jammies are absolutely adorable!