March 4, 2010

Spring Birdhouse

***Update!! My Birdhouse was featured on One Pretty Thing!! Yeah!
I have been wanting to make this birdhouse for awhile now...I saw one at a boutique with my friend Katrina and they were selling it for $50. I obviously couldn't do that! Now granted, it was covered in glitter...which I WILL be making at Christmas!! But still. I made mine for about $10. I get to save the other $40 and make me some more crafts!!'s the scoop on how to make them for your Easter holiday!!
Here are part of the supplies you need...
1. Birds Nest- Hob Lob
2. Moss
3. Wood Glue or Gorilla Glue
4. 2 colors of paint
5. Crackle
6. Glaze
7. Glue Gun
8. Paper Mache eggs-Hob Lob
The rest of the supplies...candlestick, circle base and a birdhouse. They have all sorts of sizes at Hob Lob for the birdhouses, you can make a whole community if you wish:)
First decide what colors you want your birdhouse. I wanted mine cream with the blue on top. So...paint it cream. Then put the crackle on next. I worked in parts. The base first, then the candlestick, then do parts of the house, not all at once. Less stressful that way:) So your going to slap on the crackle and watch to make sure it is STICKY...that is the key word. Then but your top coat on and this is what you get:
Mine needed something I rubbed glaze all over it and then speckled it with the same brown glaze...just get a brush and rub your fingers through the brush and speckle it away...When everything is dry and you love the way it looks...then glue it together! I prefer Gorilla glue, but I ran out at the time and just used wood glue...worked like a charm:)
I added a little birds nest at the bottom of mine. So, take your nest, glue in some moss, paint the paper mache eggs cream and then speckle them with brown paint. Glue the eggs in the nest, glue to the house, add a ribbon to the candlestick and then you have this:

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