March 4, 2010

Smore's Pops

It is Girl's Camp "Camp Kick Off" what do you bring??? Smore's Pops! These are sooo yummy! And literally took minutes to make! (By the way...Girls Camp is a camp for girls ages 12-18...I happen to be one of the leaders this year)
These are the Pop's all put together...

Smore's Pops

What you need:

BIG fluffy many as you want to make!
Graham Crackers
Sucker sticks
little baggies

*Put the marshmallows on a stick.
*Take Graham Crackers and pulverize into powder...I used my blender;)
*Melt your chocolate how the package says (usually 30 sec, stir, 30 sec., stir until all the way melted)
*Dip marshmallow into chocolate (make sure you let all the extra drip off), then dip into Graham cracker crumbs.
*Let harden (I put mine on parchment paper and in the fridge they go to cool down).
*Put in cute little bags and tie with a ribbon!

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