March 22, 2010

Makeover Monday...Dining Room

This week for Makeover Monday I am helping Allyson, from Texas, with her Dining Room. 

This is what Allyson wrote:
I read about your makeover Mondays and was so excited because I need some help! My husband and I bought a house over a YEAR ago and still have not decorated it. We also had our first baby 2 weeks before moving in, so it was a crazy time. I don't have any excuses now, except that interior design is not my element, so I would GREATLY appreciate any tips you have for my living room or dining room. Thank you!

Allyson also said, "I would definitely love help with: drapes, wall decor, centerpiece for table, and definitely different fabric for chairs. I'll have to stick with the paint color because my dining and living are all connected so there really isn't a wall to seperate colors."

I think we can all honestly say that there are always those rooms that get put on hold and we keep walking by them wondering what to do with them...then we get sick of thinking about it and don't really do anything:)  I really don't know too many people who haven't been through this!

I want to start off with the color scheme we are going to go with.  Click here for the color scheme.  Allyson told me that she is keeping her wall color and has some khaki green and clay red throughout the house.  So we are going to work with those colors!


A simple flat panel drapery with rings would make a beautiful statement, especially if you added a 2-3" banding of a second fabric.  (A band is the darker part of the picture, kind of like a border, it is shown all around the drapes, but I would just do the inside of each panel.)

from Calico Corners: Fabulous, Color: Spice, $22.09 yd.

I think that a striped fabric would look great in this would make the ceiling appear higher because of the vertical stripe.  Try to stay away from a horizontal stripe for drapes, unless it is deliberate and a very wide stripe...but that is for another day:)  (Also, if you were not up to making your drapes, then this would be a very easy striped drape that you could find, which is why I picked this fabric, a FLORAL or PAISLEY would be STUNNING as well.  Buying them all ready made would be cheaper.)  When hanging drapes the rule of thumb is to hang them at least 4" above and the rod should be 4" on either side of the window.  HOWEVER...if you have the room, I like to hang drapes so they are not completely covering the window.  So just have the inside of the drape covering part of the window and the rest is on the wall.  That way you are not covering the entire window.  I also like to hang mine more than 4" to make the room appear bigger )

from Calico Corners: Rafael, Color: Red/Gold, $27.19 yd.

This fabric would be beautiful as the banding on your drapes.  (If you are buying all-ready-made drapes, you can easily add this to them, no will give them a more custom look.)  It would also be perfect to cover your chairs with this.  (Here is a great tutorial on how to reupholster your chairs).  It is nice to use your fabric here and there throughout the room and so it goes together more.  When purchasing fabric for your chairs you need to make sure to scotch guard your fabric...places like Calico Corners already have a scotch guard on their fabrics.  If there isn't any on there...just buy some and spray away.  That way if something spills on the fabric, it won't seep into the fabric and stain.  It just puddles and you can wipe it away!

You can put together a table runner with the above fabrics...have the stripe be the long part and this red/gold one be a 1" band around the whole runner.  You can add a tassel at the ends also.

from Calico Corners: Nevis, Color: Glaze, $22.94 yd.
Another way to incorporate the fabric is to get some little lamp shades for your chandelier and cover them with the striped fabric...or even a 3rd fabric like the one above.  Here is a tutorial on how to do easy.  This would add some warmth to the room and make it look more custom.  Adding some fun trim at the bottom is also a custom look as well.

Now for your side table...I would think about adding a buffet lamp (the really tall, skinny lamps) and also some greenery.  You can find some AMAZING greenery at Hobby Lobby for really cheap. 

Artwork is the one thing that I make clients shop for...I go with them and help them out, but they need to choose it.  It is so personal and everyone has different taste.  So, my advise is to go big and find something that has the color palate in the artwork.  Kirklands and Hobby Lobby have some great choices.  Another option would be a mirror. (I can help with this one:)

This mirror is from Pier 1 (this one is a little more expensive, $250)...I love how it is round (which would break away from all the square-ness in the room) and I also love all the little mirrors, which would give some amazing ambiance when the lights are on! 

This is a 2nd option, it is from Kirklands and is only $50.  Also very beautiful.

Now for the table centerpiece.   The sky is the limit on this one!  Since Allyson is more traditional, I would think along the lines of a floral arrangement, candlesticks...Kirklands has a million to choose from, a BIG bowl with an assortment of balls.
This is from Kirklands and is only $50.  I think this would be beautiful on top of the table runner...

I hope that this has been helpful for not only Allyson, but for anyone who keeps staring at their DR and wonders what to do with it!  You can always go EXPENSIVE or find just as beautiful things elsewhere.  You can always find "copycats" anywhere...just have to look!  (Which is part of the fun, right?) 
If anyone has more specific questions about what I had to say...leave me a comment and I would love to help you out!  Allyson...whenever you get your DR done, we would love to see some pictures!

Remember to email me pictures of your room and I would love to help you out...Don't be SHY!


  1. Great ideas, as always. Love the fabric choices, they are beautiful. Makes me want a dining room now. You are definitely going to help me when I get around to drapes in my house. I need to do that!

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I'm really excited to finally get started and feel like I have a direction now! I definitely have a ton of work to do so pictures may be down the road, but I will send them eventually. Thank you again!You are awesome!