March 30, 2010

Easter Tabletop Ideas

For those who were checking my blog yesterday to find NO Makeover Monday...I am truly sorry:(  I had this lovely post all ready about picking out the perfect sofa, I had it "saved"...and BAM!  Monday morning it was MIA...since it took me FOREVER to do, I just abandoned it, had a little pitty party and decided to show some FABULOUS pictures of Easter Tabletop Ideas instead.  Love these!!  So, forgive me for no Makeover Monday!  I will do better!  Besides...does anyone even read them???

Without further adieu...on to the IDEAS:
This came from Southern Living and I have to say that I LOVE this idea.  We all know that when kids get together they get WAY to excited to they pretty much just snack along the way.  (At least this is how my kids are when they get around their cousins and we beg them to eat...)  Love the buckets of snacks with the beautiful centerpiece of grass and flowers.

This is also from Southern Living...This centerpiece is so beautiful and vivid.  The table linens and plates are so probably have everything around your home or something close to it.  Then just get a few butterflies at Hobby Lobby and you are set!

This is a close up of the above table...It is just green moss glued to a twig (I'm sure your kids would LOVE to search for twigs for you!!), some egg candy and the butterflies we were talking about.  

This is my FAVORITE!!  These would look so beautiful on the backs of your chairs for your guests to take home.  Find any basket fill it with some moss and fill with chocolate eggs.  Top it off with a beautiful ribbon. This came from Better Homes and Gardens.

This is for INCREDIBLE is this table??!!  It may cost you a pretty penny...but it might be worth it for all the OOH's and AHH's you would get!  I can't stop staring at it!  You must click on the link and look at all the other pictures from Pink Paris Studio...A-MAZING!

I hope you all have a fabulous Easter and maybe you got a few ideas from these pictures...or at least enjoyed the eye candy!!


  1. Does anyone even read it? YES! I check in a couple times a week . . . usually the time between finishing my work and gearing up for traffic. So keep your awesome ideas coming, Summer!

  2. Summer, I read your makeover Monday stuff and dream of a time when I a) have time, and b) have money to redo some of my stuff. But you shouldn't pressure yourself to get one out every Monday---it really is ok if you don't! :-)