March 12, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Isn't my little helper so stinking cute??  So...if your mad at the to him about that!!

She said:
Hey Summer! I was stalking your blog via Gwen's blog and saw this new one of yours! How cool! I've admired your creative talent and especially your recipes! I put your button on my blog as well!

Thanks Colleen!  I will leave you a comment on what to do next!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment and for all the support on my new blog!  Please leave me any comments on how I can make it better...
Also...keep checking back with me for new stuff coming up!


  1. I'm so excited! I never win anything! Now, whenever I wear it and get a zillion compliments, I can point them to this way cute blog! Thanks Summer!

  2. SUMMER!!!

    IT'S AMAZING! I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG! I have to admit I have not been a big blogger. I have started being better about trying to keep up my own lately... but I'm not the best at surfing on everyone's blog. I know it's hard to imagine, because you look and I think you are the blog and craft queen. It's all so fun and beautiful! Congrats on the adorable new blog. Love the name, love the design. Great job! I'm a fan!